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Folders are dead… Long live Categories, Tags and Free Search

Folders just aren’t enough anymore!

Are you are like me and frustrated by using folders for storing images, videos and resources in general? I just don’t think that images, videos and marketing resources can be or should be categorised in just one way. That is why systems like your server and online systems like Dropbox and Google Drive are so limiting and frustrating to use.

A bike ride to Laguna Cejar near San Pedro de Atacama – Copyright Tierra Atacama

Say you have an image like this one above from Tierra Hotels – Atacama care of our member Senderos UK of a couple enjoying a travel experience of a day mountain biking in the Atacama desert in Chile – what folder do you put that in? Chile? Experience? Mountain Biking? Honeymoon? Cycling? Atacama Desert? Day Trips? Mountains? Do you end up putting copies of the same image in many different folders? Thus using more storage space and confusing your filing system?

With SquirrelFish you can assign as many different CATEGORIES to your image as you like whilst only holding one image in the system. Also if you give your image a clear, full title and a quirky TAG you can ensure that you use as many different words as needed and your clients will always be able to easily retrieve that image by merely typing some key words in the search box.

Or this image from Eco Camp in Patagonia care of Talking Stick Marketing. Would you put this in a folder called Glamping? Torres del Paine? Patagonia? Chile? Mountains? Scenery? Sustainable Travel? Conservation?…

Ecocamp Patagonia – Image by Ecocamp Patagonia

Did you also perhaps have different folders to keep different sizes of images at hand for social media, newsletters and website use? Did you then get confused as to which images were the originals and even sometimes delete the wrong ones?? well I know I have… I once lost some amazing images of the Kite Festival in Guatemala by deleting the high resolution versions and not realising mistake until it was too late.

With SquirrelFish you can choose different sizes of the an image to download whenever you need it and never have to worry about changing the original image – it is always safely stored at it’s original size.

Sound interesting? If you would like a demo and/or a free trial of Squirrel-Fish please contact us on becky@squirrel-fish.com and we would love to show you around our community.

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As well as being the most user friendly and cost effective system to store and share our marketing information with our clients, a huge reason we use it is that it means our clients and staff always have access to the latest resources. We all use SquirrelFish as a central intranet so no need to download and store things elsewhere where it may get out of date.

Plan It Morrocco – Local Operator

As a small local operator offering unique glamping and trekking trips in Guatemala, Central America we were looking for a low cost software solution to help us raise our visibility in the worldwide travel industry. SquirrelFish has made it cheap and simple to get our marketing resources organised, show how professional we are and link with our clients all around the world.

Trek Guatemala – Local Operator

As a travel designer I need to be able to network with accommodation and local tour operators all around the world and be able to download their images and information when ever I need it. The SquirrelFish system has been an amazing free system for me to find and network with my suppliers.

Helena Lewis – Heliotropic Travel

As a tour operator I need quick access to high quality, copyright free images and videos as well as useful information that helps me to sell a property and destination. Squirrel Fish means I can easily search and find the resources I need, just when I need them, and not have to hold huge amounts of files on my own servers.

Becky Harris – Curious Travel